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Gretchen Stout

Birth Doula. Postpartum Doula.

Gretchen is a kind and caring soul who has spent her entire life helping raise babies and children. She is a caregiver in every sense of the word. Assisting her mom with her at-home daycare center, she grew to love children of all ages. Seeing them move through their developmental stages, witnessing them reach milestones, and growing alongside the families she cared for prepared her well for work as a birth and postpartum doula. Gretchen currently resides in Lakewood with her pup Dylan.

Get to Know Gretchen

What do you enjoy most about birth and postpartum doula work?

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing new life being grown and brought into the world! I really enjoy getting to be a part of this experience and helping to support a mother and her partner, on the way. As far as postpartum, I have spent the majority of my life around babies and children. I love the way they look at everything with new wonder. Helping them grow and learn is so rewarding.

Where’s your hometown?

I was born and raised in Cleveland, and now live in Lakewood with my adorable pup. Being near the lake is something I could never give up! Edgewater is my happy place. 

What are your hobbies?

I love taking my dog for walks in the metroparks and exploring new places. Travel and adventure is what I live for! Photography is also a passion of mine that I incorporate into many areas of my life, whenever I can. 

What’s your favorite dish to cook for your postpartum clients?

I love baking! Banana bread is my go to. It is something easy to grab and eat for a new mother, and goes great with coffee! It’s also full of nutrients.

Who is a hero of yours?

My mom! She has spent her entire adult life caring for people. She has run a home daycare since I can remember, and has been neighborhood mom to more people than I can count. Her doors are always open to anyone in need, and she greets everyone with a hug. She somehow still finds time to draw, and sing in a band. She is the “Giving Tree”. I get my nurturing heart from her. 

Gretchen’s Credentials

Certifications, Trainings, & Workshops

  • ProDoula, Trained Doula, Labor
  • ProDoula, Trained Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care
  • CPR/First Aid Certified

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