Saraya Sims

Postpartum Doula.

Saraya Sims began her career as a professional nanny, caring for newborns and children of all ages for over seven years. Now, as a trained postpartum doula, she provides exceptional support for the whole family, with a focus on newborn care and helping parents adjust to life with their new baby. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Saraya moved across the ocean for love, and currently resides in Cleveland with her husband.

Get to Know Saraya

What do you enjoy most about postpartum doula work?

I love witnessing the bond form between mother and father with their newborn. Seeing the intimacy and love of the family unit flourish into a tight and unbreakable bond is a really beautiful thing.

Give an example of a time when you instilled confidence in a new mother.

I was with a client who was overwhelmed, exhausted, and had a baby that just wouldn’t sleep (which I know sounds familiar to so many parents). I first reassured the mother that we would figure out a solution that worked with her individual parenting style. We worked together using information and resources to create an effective routine for baby. We discussed both my past professional experiences as well as looked at what current research states. We covered everything from sleeping cues, the importance of naps, sleep-training methods, how to identify a tired baby, and so much more. Then, I soothed and cared for her baby while she slept. When I left that day, the client had a solid plan in place, was well-rested, and felt confident and reassured that they were on the right track.

What are your hobbies?

My husband and I love swing and salsa dancing. We also love frequenting old-fashioned American diners; they are such a novelty to me! When my family visits from “Down Under”, we always end up at a diner. The booth seating, checkered floors, milkshakes…everything is so quaint and fun.

What’s something unique about you?

Well, I’m an Australian Doula (yes, I have a cool accent); I don’t think there are a lot of Aussie Doulas! And, I like to freestyle rap even though it rhymes terribly and it’s cheesy.  Here is an example. 

“Iggy- Fancy”

We’re so Fancy/ we want you to know/ we’re in the Doula lane/ from Cleveland of O-HI-O.

We’re so fancy/ come check us out/ Remember our name/ CLEbaby is what we’re about!

(I warned you it’s cheesy!)

What’s the hardest life challenge you’ve faced, and how did you respond?

Moving to a different continent, away from all family and friends is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was so unhappy in the beginning, but over time I realized that I wanted to make the best of my situation. And so I did! I embraced change, a very different culture, and became open to new and different ways of doing things. I believe this has molded me into the doula I am today, as I am able to adapt to each family’s individual needs with a judgement free attitude.

What’s your best parenting tip?

Invest in a quality coffee pot!

Saraya’s Credentials


  • Certification 3 in Children’s Services, TAFE Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Certifications, Trainings & Workshops

  • ProDoula, Pre-Certified Doula, Postpartum
  • Newborn Sleep Training, Mama’s Best Friend (2015)

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