Hear from our best-ever clients to see why the feelings are mutual! Thank you, Cleveland!

Julie and Crystal both were super attentive prior to the birth of my son, they answered all of my questions and were there for me and my husband. Julie was by our side through our delivery, she was incredibly supportive and a strong advocate.” Rebecca B

Lakewood, OH

“These women are so amazing. Very sweet, knowledgeable, personal, genuine and professional…Brandye M

Cleveland, OH

“It has been an insane few months, but I cannot thank CLEbaby enough for everything they have done.. They are spectacular at what they do I highly recommend them and will most definitely be using them again.” Krista L

Avon, OH

AshleyThank you so much for sharing your expertise and offering me support & encouragement in dealing with my friend’s PPD. I really appreciate it and you.” Paula G

Pittsburgh, PA

Julie was my doula during the birth of both my kids. She was a great suppport throughout labor and delivery. She helped me via phone as soon as labor started and met us at the hospital, after pickin up food for us at our request on the way! She understood exactly what helped me and what didn’t, and personalized her care to me and my husband’s needs. She suggested various laboring positions and activities, encouraged me and coached me until my baby was born. She was also a great help for my husband who was next to me the whole time. It was really important for me to have a natural birth with no anesthetic and minimal to no intervention. I would not have been able to achieve that without Julie there. I’ll be forever grateful to her for helping me through such a special moment.” Silvia D   Cleveland, OH
Ashley was very knowledgeable during our childbirth education class… we liked the props, workbook, and different exercises she incorporated. She answered all of our questions thoroughly, and we felt like she was presenting information specific to our individual needs, interests, and concerns. She was very calming, informative, and seemed to genuinely care. She clearly can relate very well to a couple that is soon expecting a baby. Ashley’s voice is so soothing, and her personality is very warm and welcoming. She’s a great educator! I would highly recommend Ashley & CLEbaby!!!” Veronica F   North Ridgeville, OH
“Heather was an amazing postpartum doula! My husband traveled overseas when our newborn was only a few weeks old. I had a 17 month old and newborn by myself and was freaking out! Heather prepared meals for my oldest and even whipped up some amazing and healthy meals for me. She watched my newborn while I took my oldest to the park or watched my girls while I had some me time. Heather is so easy to get along with. She is so supportive and was such a blessing to us! I am so grateful for her and what she did after my second was born.” Cate C   Brecksville, OH
Lauren is one of the most caring and loving individuals I have ever known. When I went through a miscarriage about 3 years ago Lauren was a huge support for me. She not only is compassionate but she listens and provides educated feedback to any situation she is faced with. Lauren was a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a wonderful support for me during my time of need. I look forward to having her assistance with my next birth and would recommend her to anyone seeking a Doula.” Sarah J   Knoxville, TN
We couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision to hire a doula through CLEBaby. Julie was our birth doula and was fantastic! When labor started fast and furious, she was quick to meet us at the hospital and was essential in helping us through a natural childbirth. Everyone at CLEBaby was friendly, supportive, and professional throughout the entire process.” Melissa D

Independence, OH

Carly helped me postpartum after I had my second baby. I had an unusually difficult delivery and was having a hard time juggling everything. She was a calming presence in our home, that rose to the occasion and helped with whatever my needs were for the particular day. Whether it was the newborn, my toddler, folding my laundry, or helping me with my sits bath, Carly was comfortable and willing to assist. She never made me feel like I was asking too much, Carly was a blessing for our family! I’m not sure how I would have handled this transition without her. Thank you to Carly and CLEbaby! Lauren O

Fairlawn, OH

I used these wonderful ladies for my placenta encapsulation and I couldn’t be happier. Not only are they prompt and professional they checked in on me and exceeded my expectations. By the way I totally recommend placenta encapsulation for anyone, it has made me feel more energetic and very balanced with my emotions right after giving birth. I can’t say enough good things about this company!” Rana C

Strongsville, OH

“As a first-time parent, I was nervous and uncertain about so many things to do with labor and delivery. Lauren was present and completely focused on making sure I was taken care of. She has a wonderfully gentle and calming personality that put me and my husband at ease. I am very sincere when I say our doula brought comfort and peace of mind during a time that could have easily made me anxious and afraid. We are grateful to have had Lauren, and I recommend her to any family expecting a child.”
Annie C

Knoxville, TN

“I’m extremely happy with my husband’s and my decision to choose CLEBaby for the birth of our baby and have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Ashley. As we planned our natural childbirth, Ashley and Gina were available to answer our questions, provide resources, and assist in preparing our birth plan. Ashley and the CLEbaby team scheduled a training to learn about the Relaxbirth chair with the research coordinator at our hospital. As a participant in the study, I was comforted to know Ashley had the knowledge to help us utilize the chair fully. During labor, Ashley joined us at the hospital for what would become a nearly 24 hour long event. Ashley’s presence during labor was calm, confident and comforting. She offered many suggestions for position changes and helped set a relaxed and quiet mood with jungle music and essential oils. Though we planned for a natural birth, our daughter was delivered via cesarean section. This could have been a disappointment for my husband and me, but we felt all options had been thoughtfully considered and we made the best decision. Ashley helped us to explore every alternative scenario presented to us. Her knowledge and non-biased support made all the difference. Since the birth of our daughter, Ashley has been in touch to check in and offer additional postpartum resources including breastfeeding support groups. Her extensive connections in the northeast Ohio area have been so helpful. She was a valuable resource before, during and after our baby’s birth. I recommend CLEbaby for anyone looking for doula support!” Christine L   Kent, OH
Ashley was incredibly helpful. I first met her with a load of unanswered questions pertaining to my birth. Due to health problems with myself we had no idea what was going to happen, natural, c-section, induction, everything was very up in the air. Ashley showed complete support throughout everything and never once pushed anything such as an all natural birth, she completely agreed with my choices. She was also very helpful at random times when I would text her with questions. Being able to contact her whenever put me at ease. I ended up having an induced all natural birth and she was there the entire labor supporting me and my husband. My mom was a little in the way of Ashley sometimes, ha, but Ashley just kept being the extra support I needed. When the going got really tough, my mom and husband actually were getting on my nerves but Ashley helped me stay relaxed and helped me push through the worst of it all. I’m so glad we decided to have a doula for our first child because I obviously had no idea what to expect. I would highly recommend Ashley and CLEbaby and I already have mentioned her to a friend for when her time comes.” Leah K   Cuyahoga Falls, OH
“My husband and I recently hired Cynthia from CLEbaby to help us with sleep training our infant. We have an 8 month old son who we have shared a bed with since he was born. We were beyond ready to move him into his own room and into the crib for so many reasons. I had read several sleep training books trying to find a “gentle” method that doesn’t involve CIO. We tried a lot of different techniques but ultimately were too exhausted to implement consistently. Cynthia helped us create a personalized sleep plan for our baby and was key in helping us implement and stick to the plan. It turns out that our baby really was ready to make this transition to his own room & crib, and all we had to do was create the right environment and day/night schedule to help him out. Cynthia helped us create a schedule and a plan, and spent two nights at our house overnight to help us implement the plan. I can’t believe how quickly our little guy transitioned into his crib and with minimal crying! It was so nice to have someone create a plan with us and be there in the middle of the night to tell us what to do when we were too tired to think clearly. Thank you Cynthia and CLEbaby for giving us the tools and resources that we so desperately needed in order to see this big transition through smoothly and gently!” Katie B   Rocky River, OH
“Although I currently live in Seattle, I had to write a review here. My husband and I are currently pregnant with our first, due in November. I have been calling & texting Ashley non-stop with questions and asking for advice. I don’t know what I’d do without her help! She helps me feel calm and relaxed during this crazy time of life. I am originally from Cleveland and having spent a lot of time with Ashley in person, I can tell you that I would give a glowing recommendation for her to be anyone’s doula. She is very calm and confident and would make a great addition to your labor and delivery team! I am so bummed that I live out of state and can’t use her for my birth, but she has helped me tremendously in picking out a doula in Seattle and with what to look for in a doula. If you’re on the line about using a doula, I’d say at least give it a shot over an interview/open conversation to learn more before ruling it out. As a first time mom I am much more confident and less stressed knowing that I will have a doula by my side during labor and delivery.” Katie B   Seattle, WA
“Ashley started encapsulating my placenta the same evening I delivered my son. The following day I was able to start taking them and almost 2 weeks later, I still have many left! I struggled with prenatal depression in the first trimester and really wanted to do whatever I could to keep my hormones balanced postpartum. I swear I haven’t had so much as a mood swing since giving birth and recovering at home! I feel an overall sense of calm and joy and I’m thrilled and grateful for the capsules. I would recommend CLEbaby’s services to every mama, thanks Ashley!” Pepper G Brunswich, Ohio