Beth from North Royalton on her birth doulas

So so so happy we made the decision to hire a doula. Our doula Mandy was incredible! She was super supportive throughout our entire pregnancy and was a complete rockstar during our birth. She came to the hospital quickly and helped to keep us calm and confident. Immediately coming up with ideas to help progress my labor. She was so easy to talk to and knew the right things to say always. She helped make my husband still feel involved and confident as my partner. When I wanted to give up or get discouraged she was there to help! She had so many different ways to help my cope with the pain and keep myself focused on each contraction. Her and my husband took turns doing hip squeezes to help my awful back labor. I’m getting emotional thinking about how wonderful she was during transition when I was laboring in the birth tub she diffused oils and massaged my neck and shoulders and helped me gain control of my breathing. During pushing she was right there holding my legs and speaking calmly to me helping me push and not get discouraged. She is amazing and is a blessing for any mama during labor. She stayed after to make sure we were okay and helped make sure my first breastfeeding experience went well. You can tell she truly loves being a doula. We love you Mandy!
— Beth S, North Royalton, OH