Danielle from Westlake on her birth doulas

Using Clebaby for a doula for the birth of our first daughter was the best decision! As a first time mom, I had a lot of fears and did a lot (probably too much!) research. Having Heather & Mandy to ask questions to as my due date approached made me feel so much more confident. Since I was 5 days over my due date, any little feeling I had I was texting them asking if it might be labor. On the day of, having Heather by my side for support was so great for both me and my husband. I also think Heather being there helping our daughter latch on both sides right away made her become such a champion breastfeeder. Plus, she took photos and videos of our daughter entering the world we will cherish forever.
— Danielle S, Westlake, OH
Ashley Sovabirth doula