Erica from Shaker Heights on her birth doulas

“What the hell is a Doula?”, my Husband asked about two months before my delivery (our first). Looking back now, we both wonder how we would ever have made it through (both emotionally and physically) without one, especially Sarah.

I had a pretty rough delivery compared to most, and because my Husband and I had never been through one before, just knowing there was someone in the room “on our side” (for lack of a better term) when certain questions/situations arose was extremely comforting. Obviously the Doctors and Nurses had my (and the baby’s) well-being as a priority, but labor is an extremely intense process and Sarah brought knowledge and insight to us simply based on her prior experience that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

And then there was the physical element. She suggested helpful alternative positions, certain massages and breathing techniques to help keep me as comfortable as possible. And during the actual birth while my Husband was busy at the end of the table holding my foot and knee helping with the delivery, I was solely laser-focused on Sarah’s voice in my ear guiding me through the actual delivery. If nothing else, this was worth the cost alone.

And on a side note, I’m not sure this is in her actual job description, there were the photos. It was such a whirlwind right after the delivery there was really nobody in the room with free time to capture the moment. Well there was Sarah with my phone taking the most memorable picture of the three of us that we would never have gotten.

Before we hired Sarah, my Husband was worried about how the medical personnel would act towards a Doula since he read they can sometimes be seen as interfering with the process. I will tell you that almost all of our nurses and doctors went out of their way to tell us how good a Doula Sarah was. She was very respectful of the staff and her guidance to us was never seen as interference.

We would whole-heartedly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a Doula. She is kind, knowledgeable, caring, and is considered part of our Family.

Feel free to contact me or my husband directly with any questions you may have.

Best of luck with your delivery!
— Erica & Darryl M, Shaker Heights, OH