Jen from Lakewood on her birth doulas

I can’t really stress enough how amazing it was having Sarah there. My mom and husband would say the same thing - Sarah helped them help me through a pretty rough labor that didn’t go exactly how I had imagined it would. Sarah was such a calming presence, and she was truly there to support me as a laboring mom. So much of that process is focused on getting the baby out safely (as it should be!). Having Sarah there as my advocate meant someone was there looking out for my well being as well. She had no problem sticking up for me when the midwife got pushy!

I was on such a hormonal high when the baby finally came that I didn’t realize how badly I had torn (sorry if that’s too much information). Sarah stayed right there with me while I was stitched up, which took quite a while. I wanted my husband and mom to go be with the baby during that time since I couldn’t be, so Sarah was really my support. By the time she left the hospital around 3 am, she had been with us for nearly 18 hours straight. She was probably exhausted, but she never once acted like it.

I can’t recommend Sarah enough. If/when I have another baby, I will absolutely use her services again!
— Jen N, Lakewood, OH