Katie from Rocky River on our sleep training program

My husband and I recently hired Cynthia from CLEbaby to help us with sleep training our infant. We have an 8 month old son who we have shared a bed with since he was born. We were beyond ready to move him into his own room and into the crib for so many reasons. I had read several sleep training books trying to find a “gentle” method that doesn’t involve CIO. We tried a lot of different techniques but ultimately were too exhausted to implement consistently. Cynthia helped us create a personalized sleep plan for our baby and was key in helping us implement and stick to the plan. It turns out that our baby really was ready to make this transition to his own room & crib, and all we had to do was create the right environment and day/night schedule to help him out. Cynthia helped us create a schedule and a plan, and spent two nights at our house overnight to help us implement the plan. I can’t believe how quickly our little guy transitioned into his crib and with minimal crying! It was so nice to have someone create a plan with us and be there in the middle of the night to tell us what to do when we were too tired to think clearly. Thank you Cynthia and CLEbaby for giving us the tools and resources that we so desperately needed in order to see this big transition through smoothly and gently!
— Katie B, Rocky River, OH