Lauren from Cleveland Heights on sleep training

We hired Lauren to help us sleep train our (then) 3 month old. It was such a smooth process and she talked us through every step. Our main goal was for him to sleep through the night but we gained so much more! We now can spend time together at night after we put him to sleep.

We no longer have 2 hours of dealing with a cranky baby, juggling eating dinner and soothing him. We put him down for the night, then make dinner and hang out. It’s been amazing. We also have a more predictable morning routine which allows me to workout before he wakes up without wondering if he’ll be awake at any moment, throwing off my whole plan. It’s great watching him soothe himself and fall asleep and we have a much better understanding of his sleep cues now.

I can’t say enough about Lauren’s sleep training. It was worth every penny.
— Lauren G, Cleveland Heights, OH
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