Lauren from Lakewood on her birth doulas

I’m happy to give Ashley and CLEbaby a glowing, five star review of the doula services provided for the birth of our first! We were looking for an unbiased support system to educate us on the many facets of prenatal, labor, and postpartum. From the get go, Ashley offered non opinionated, information on the many different avenues we could take and worked with us to craft our birth plan. I’ll admit I had a stigma that doulas were a bit hippy-esque that would only push natural procedures but Ashley and her team are not that way. We were a bit discouraged when we learned that we had to schedule an induction to avoid some potentially dangerous circumstances and knew we would be facing a long, grueling labor. Our birth plan shifted but Ashley was there offering support and comfort at at time that easily could have caused us to feel overwhelmed and that we didn’t have control. She stuck with us through the majority of a 33 hour long labor and provided immeasurable comfort and ease. Ashley brought a delicious snack plate for us to indulge in after such an exhausting labor which helped me feel replenished (you can only take so much broth and jello). I would certainly recommend Ashley to others interested in a doula and look forward to working with her again in the future! I truly couldn’t imagine going through this experience without her - she exceeded all of our expectations.
— Lauren H, Lakewood, OH