Leah from Kent on her birth doulas

Thank you Heather, Sarah, & CLEbaby!! I felt emotionally/mentally & physically supported while preparing for an unmedicated vbac. I felt like I had a lot of issues/worries to work through Heather and Sarah helped me with especially preparing for a vbac. During labor Heather was great at reading me, encouraging me to ask the right questions, and getting me to realize I needed to move into other positions to bring baby down. I wouldn’t have been able to do an unmedicated vbac without this kind of support. Heather is amazing, thank you!!! Ashley was great and quick at responding to my emails and scheduling interviews/prenatal meetings so close to when I started looking for doulas 5 weeks before my due date. Thank you CLEbaby!!!
— Leah G, Kent, OH
Ashley Sovabirth doula