Leah from Cuyahoga Falls on her birth doulas

Ashley was incredibly helpful. I first met her with a load of unanswered questions pertaining to my birth. Due to health problems with myself we had no idea what was going to happen, natural, c-section, induction, everything was very up in the air. Ashley showed complete support throughout everything and never once pushed anything such as an all natural birth, she completely agreed with my choices. She was also very helpful at random times when I would text her with questions. Being able to contact her whenever put me at ease. I ended up having an induced all natural birth and she was there the entire labor supporting me and my husband. My mom was a little in the way of Ashley sometimes, ha, but Ashley just kept being the extra support I needed. When the going got really tough, my mom and husband actually were getting on my nerves but Ashley helped me stay relaxed and helped me push through the worst of it all. I’m so glad we decided to have a doula for our first child because I obviously had no idea what to expect. I would highly recommend Ashley and CLEbaby and I already have mentioned her to a friend for when her time comes.
— Leah K, Cuyahoga Falls, OH