Lexi from Fairview Park on her birth doulas

My husband and I are so happy with our experience with CLEbaby! Ashley was wonderful to speak with on the phone and helped connect us with the best doula team for us! Heather and Sarah were amazing answering all of our questions and making us feel comfortable! Heather was the doula who was with us for the birth of our son. She literally came to the hospital in the middle of the night! She was such a big help working well with the staff and my husband to carry out our plan of an unmedicated birth! She also snapped pictures and videos that are PRICELESS!! I am so grateful for our experience! If you are wondering if a doula is right for you I would suggest meeting with a doula team, you have nothing to lose! Thanks again!!
— Lexi B, Fairview Park, OH
Ashley Sovabirth doula