Your Fairy Godmother is a Postpartum Doula


It’s no secret that life with a newborn is difficult. If you’re a first-time mom you may be worried about, well, everything: am I holding baby the right way, is this poop color normal, what’s really the best way to swaddle, and how (the f$%!*) do I get him to sleep?! And if you’re a mom with experience you probably have other concerns: are my kids getting enough attention, how will I make dinner for everyone, and will I ever shower again?! That’s where a postpartum doula comes in: they do all of that, any of that… well except for bathing you of course. Postpartum doulas are there to support your ENTIRE family during that insanely crazy time when you’re all transitioning to life with your new baby.

A postpartum doula supports moms by providing a listening ear and expertise when mom is overwhelmed and unsure. The doula can allow mom the ability to rest without guilt or worry while she recovers from childbirth. Reminder: birthing a baby is a lot of work, guys. It takes time to heal, physically and emotionally. A postpartum doula can also tackle household tasks, like meal prep, laundry, and light cleaning. Mom can snuggle and bond with baby without having to worry if there’s a mountain of laundry threatening to topple the infrastructure of the house.

Dads also benefit from postpartum doula support for all of the above reasons. And if they need guidance on how to better support their partner or how to bond with baby, their postpartum doula will provide tangible ways they can do that. In a family with multiple children, postpartum doulas can dote on your kids and help them learn how to bond in an age-appropriate way.

A postpartum doula is there to answer your questions, meet your needs as a family, and anticipate those needs before you even know what they are. They are available for overnights, daytime support, or a combination of both. And they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on everything baby: breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, multiples, special needs, parenting styles, developing healthy sleep habits, implementing routines, and so much more! And all of this support comes without an ounce of judgment. Your friends and family probably have opinions on the correct way to parent, but a postpartum doula believes that you know what’s best for your family.

The postpartum period is temporary. Everyone says, “Before you know it they’ll be driving.” Which may feel true for them, but when you’re the one who hasn’t slept in weeks, your baby roadtrippin’ for the weekend can’t come soon enough. If you want to truly enjoy that special, finite period, hire a postpartum doula to support your family.