Kiinde Twist: A Life-Changing Bottle Feeding System


I can’t stop raving about the Kiinde Twist bottlefeeding system to friends, family, clients… I figured it was time to take my adoration public.

First off, I love what the Kiinde company stands for. Their mission is to “develop innovative and revolutionary products to make life safer and easier for your little ones, and for you.” Yes please - parenting is hard enough without having to deal with cheaply made feeding systems that require a million steps and parts. In addition, Kiinde testing labs are run by MIT-trained engineers and product developers (nerd alert!) who design and test products exclusively in the U.S. From everything I’ve learned, they are pretty darn legit from a business perspective.

Essentially, the Kiinde Twist Feeding System is a comprehensive set of bottle-feeding products. From the pumping of breast milk or mixing of formula, to the storage of milk, warming process, and infant feeding, their products were created to simplify bottle-feeding. The Kiinde Twist line of products works seamlessly together, but can also be used with pumps, nipples, and warmers you already own.

The Kiinde feeding system works exceptionally well for breastfeeding, formula-feeding, and combo feeding (combo feeding simply means combining both breastfeeding and formula feeding. So no, I am not advising giving your infant those delicious little pretzel nuggets filled with pizza/nacho cheese flavor). If you are breastfeeding, you can directly pump into the pouches using any pump – the system comes with a box of adapters that allow you to attach their Twist pouches to your breast pump. You can label, store (fridge or freezer), warm, and feed your babe from that same pouch. That means no transferring of breast milk! And formula feeding is just as streamlined. Fill the pouch with water, add formula, mix, and bon appétit, baby!

In my opinion, the best two features are the elimination of bottle-washing, and the simplicity of parts. The pouches click into a plastic holder; they call it a bottle, even though it’s not like a traditional bottle. Their bottle serves as an outer shell for the pouches, and never comes in contact with breast milk or formula. The nipple clicks into the pouch/bottle, and you’re ready to rock. There are three parts total, and only the nipples need to be washed or sterilized after use. And, the nipples and bottles can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher. At Kiinde, design is key: the pouches were made to be collapsible to help eliminate gas, and the nipples designed to teach breastfeeding behaviors that aid in the transition from breast to bottle. All Kiinde Twist products are recyclable, BPA-free, pthalate-free, and PVC-free.

A common concern is, what happens if my baby doesn’t like the Kiinde nipples? And while I haven’t yet cared for a baby who hasn’t taken to the Kiinde nipples, the breast pump adapters allow you to use other popular brands of nipples. While Kiinde doesn’t explicitly state this (I’m sure they prefer that you buy their nipples, for obvious reasons), after combing dozens of reviews, families have had much success using the adapters with a variety of nipples.

There is a downside. The Twist system itself is affordable: $99.99 at Target for the gift set, which includes 20 Twist pouches, a pouch organizer, 2 bottles, 1 of each flow nipples (slow, medium, and fast), a bottle warmer, and 2 nipple brushes for cleaning. And, there’s a scaled down starter kit for $39.99. But, the cost of the bags over at least a year of bottle feeding does add up. A box of 40 Twist pouches runs between $14.99-16.99, so I’ll let you do the math.

In my opinion, the convenience of the system trumps the cost. It saves time and sanity, two scarce resources when you’re caring for your brand-new, squishy baby. And the glowing reviews speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly give this product 5/5 stars.

The Kiinde Twist Feeding System is sold online at Babies R Us, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Walgreens, and Amazon, and in-store locally at Babies R Us in North Olmsted and Target in Fairview Park. Learn more about Kiinde and their products at