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The Breast of Times, The Worst of Times

My breasts have served me well, but after 32 years together, this year we say farewell. That sounded poetic, but the reality of my situation is far from. A few months ago I found out that I tested positive for a BRCA1 mutation. I wish I could say that I received that news while my husband held my hand; that we squeezed each other knowing we could and would get through it together. 

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Why Are Doulas So Dang Expensive?!

As we head into an insanely busy year four for our agency, I’ve had time to reflect on this biz from a financial perspective (please don’t fall asleep, it’s going to get juicier, I promise!). I’ve already had someone inquire into our services only to reply with an expletive-filled rant about how outrageous the cost of doulas are (I know January was hard, but please seek out some sunshine, sir). 

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Doulas Don't Replace Your Partner

One of the biggest concerns we hear in consults often comes from a laboring mom's birth partner – “Will the doula replace me?” and “What will my role be if there’s a doula in the room?” It’s a legitimate concern; as the old adage goes, “two is company, three’s a crowd.” But we want to address these concerns head on, and create a new birth motto: “two is company, but three is a heckuva birth team!” 

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