Ashley Sova

Ashley Sova is owner, doula and more at CLEbaby.

Meet Ashley

Ashley began her career as a researcher at Case Western, exploring communication between female patients and their doctors. It was there that she discovered her love of supporting women, recognizing how unique every family and situation is, and providing them with unbiased, knowledgeable support. She carries that with her now as a certified doula and owner of CLEbaby. Her passion lies in building a community for growing families to learn about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, while helping them connect to their peers and enjoy CLE. A wife and mother of three kids, Ashley loves entertaining friends and family at her home, and eating and karaoking her way through CLE.

Get to Know Ashley

What do you enjoy most about owning a business?

I am a queen of organization, so I love implementing and carrying out systems that make the business efficient and streamlined. A lot of people find that aspect of business to be boring and tedious, but in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a well-oiled machine doing the hard work behind the scenes. And, working on a team with a group of strong, ambitious women is an added bonus.

What’s your best parenting tip?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being a parent is amazing and transformative, but it’s also unbelievably, indescribably HARD! We’ve heard the cliche that nothing can prepare you, but folks… NOTHING can prepare you. From pregnancy, to newborn, to toddlers, then teenagers – it never gets easy, and each age comes with its own host of difficulties and worries.

For so long there was a community approach in raising kids; it used to be “It takes a village to raise a child.” But we live in a different time when not many people have a “village” to guide or support them. And in those inevitable times of struggle, don’t be too afraid/guilty/prideful to ask someone for help. Whether it’s a family member, friend, medical provider, mental health professional, or a doula, I promise that (for the most part), people want to help you. Let them!

What’s your favorite dish to cook for your postpartum clients?

I have always loved cooking, but with picky toddlers at home it’s currently more of a chore. But cooking for postpartum clients means that I get to spend time in their kitchen doing something I enjoy, for people who actually appreciate it (and don’t empty their bowls on their head or demand a snack ten minutes after dinner)! My specialty dish is coconut chicken curry. It’s a little bit spicy, creamy from the coconut milk, and full of veggies – so delish!

Favorite CLE restaurant?

Currently I’m crushing on Mabel’s BBQ; CLE has needed a great barbeque spot for a long time, and Michael Symon outdid himself with Mabel’s. As for tried and true, my husband and I always find our way back to Saigon. Their service is consistently wonderful, the owner remembers our faces even when it’s been months, and every dish I’ve eaten there has been superb.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

TV is my guilty pleasure! I loved season 2 of Master of None, The Crown, Handmaid’s Tale, and am currently binging on Lost in Space. I live for awards shows (especially the fashion) – they are my Super Bowl. 

Ashley’s Credentials


  • MA, Clinical Psychology, Cleveland State University

  • BS, Psychology & Communications, John Carroll University

Certifications, Trainings, & Workshops

  • ProDoula, Certified Doula, Labor

  • ProDoula, Trained Doula, Postpartum

  • ProDoula, Trained, Postpartum Placenta Specialist

  • Doula by Design, Certified Doula, Birth

  • Stillbirthday, Certified Doula, Birth & Bereavement

  • Rebozo: Belly to Big Kid Workshop (2015)

  • Acupressure Comfort Measures for Asynclitic and Occiput Posterior Babies, Better Birth 360 (2015)

  • Newborn Sleep Training, Mama’s Best Friend (2015)

  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators (2016)

  • Ohio Food Handlers Classes Certification (2016)