Birth Doula Support

Birth Doula Support


Birth Doula support includes:

  • Your professional doula team who share an on-call schedule from the moment your contract is signed. With your doula team, backup support is built-in so you can rest assured that you will know the doula attending your birth.

  • 24/7 phone and email support during your pregnancy. Your doulas are your trusted experts, here to answer all of your pregnancy and birth related questions with reassurance and unbiased, up-to-date knowledge and support.

  • A prenatal meeting with your doula team. Meet with your doula team so that they know firsthand what matters most to you. You will work with your doulas to discuss and fine-tune your birth vision while also preparing for your upcoming birth.

  • Continuous physical and emotional labor support for both you and your partner. We are there to help you navigate your birth according to your personal values and preferences. Your doula will be present throughout your labor and birth, and will stay with you until your new family is comfortably settled.

  • A postpartum visit with the doula who attended your birth. During the first ten days following your new baby’s arrival, your doula will meet with you to discuss your birth and to make sure you’re adjusting well to life with your newborn.

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