Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing Classes

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Our Hypnobirthing Classes are for women whose ideal birth is calm, safe, and gentle. Through self-hypnosis and education, women utilize special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditation, and more. Women who choose Hypnobirthing are driven towards a confident birth, devoid of the fear and negativity that can surround the experience.

HypnoBirthing Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 1/2-hour classes and include a Hypnobirthing techniques textbook, relaxation CD, and the tools for creating an amazing, relaxing birth experience. The classes cover the physiological and psychological sides of birth, and the impact that fear and anxiety can affect the process. During class you will practice the techniques you’ll use during labor and birth.

The five Hypnobirthing units covered in your classes include:

  • Unit 1 – Setting the stage

  • Unit 2 -Pre-birth family bonding and preparing your mind and body

  • Unit 3 – Self-hypnosis visualization and advanced deepening

  • Unit 4 – Overview and summary of childbirth

  • Unit 5 – Birthing – The final act and bonding

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