Babies bring so much joy and... exhaustion. Our Sleep Coaches help get your baby sleeping through the night.


Cleveland's Sleep Coaches provide the sleep training you and your baby need for a good night's rest every night (almost!)

Your ideal night of sleep is within reach. With our 2-3 day & night in-home stay, we work with you and baby to make it a reality.

Heres's what we know:

  • Your baby can fall asleep in his crib by himself, night and day.

  • Your baby can sleep for 10-12 hour stretches, and still have peaceful daytime naps.

  • You will be able to leave the baby with a nanny/sitter/family member and rest assured baby will sleep. 

Our method

We recognize that every baby is unique, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for long-term sleep success. We will work together in your home, getting to know you and your baby so that we can implement the most effective plan for your baby, ensuring restful sleep every night. We take several factors into account when creating a sleep plan: baby's age, personality, developmental stage, and the logistics of your home, to name a few. We'll give you the confidence to change your sleep routines while minimizing tears and overcoming setbacks. 

Our support extends beyond our in-home training; it takes time and consistent practice to change routines, overcome regressions, recover from sleep deprivation, and to make new habits stick. Your baby will be sleep trained after 24 hours, but our ongoing support ensures that your baby is a great sleeper forever.



Sleep Training support includes:

  • A 30-minute call in which we'll explore what you want for your family’s well-being, what’s standing in your way, and how we can help you all sleep and feel better.

  • One 60-minute in-home consultation to take place before training begins.

  • 72 hours of in-home support.

  • Three 30-minute coaching calls.

  • Four weeks of unlimited phone support.

  • Four weeks of unlimited email correspondence.

  • A detailed plan to follow and guide you to a successfully sleep-trained baby.

The CLEbaby Difference

  • Our support is purposefully tailored to you and your family's unique needs and wishes.

  • We come to you. No office visits, no long-distance phone calls, no books to read; our support happens in your home in real-time.

  • You have our attention and focus until everyone is sleeping through the night.

  • We care passionately about Cleveland, and we have a wealth of local knowledge and resources that can help you during this transformative time.

  • Support through feedback, mentoring, and non-judgmental, experienced sleep experts.